Drupal Training Days

Join us on 5th Feruary 2016

Courses from just £35 per day*

About Drupal Training Days

Drupal Training Days is an initiative inspired by the Drupal Association and developed by Consult and Design International in partnership with Sunderland Software City.

Drupal is one of the fastest growing Content Management Platforms and is a tool that can be used for building anything from the most simple of websites to complex applications with millions of users. With such a scalable system, the learning curve is high and many are put off by the time required to get to know Drupal.

Our aim is to lower the barrier of entry to Drupal with affordable, enjoyable and educational Training Days that allow you, your organisation or business to get started on a journey of Drupal Discovery.

Sunderland Software Centre

Tavistock Place, Sunderland